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Oso Adventure Meals

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A new type of food company

Black, Indigenous, and Immigrant Americans have long faced cultural and institutional barriers to participation in outdoor activities. Despite making up 40% of the country, they represent less than 15% of public land users. Traditional outdoor companies create products for, and engage with, an overwhelmingly white consumer. Nowhere is this more prevalent than with food. Today's backpacking meals consist of Euro-centric recipes (think beef stew) that are bland, made with cheap ingredients, and lack real flavor or spice. 


Oso Adventure Meals is here to change that.

 Oso Meals allows everyday adventurers to take their favorite culturally relevant meal anywhere in the world, making outdoor activities feel more welcoming and enjoyable. We are making products that fulfill the need for tasty, spicy, and culturally authentic foods in the backcountry.

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