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The story of Oso Meals began in the mountains of Michoacan, Mexico and continues here in the Rockies of Colorado. Deep into a week-long backpacking trip, friends Dom Barrera and Felipe Vieyra were sharing stories about their abuelita’s home cooking. We remembered fresh huevos migos in the morning and platters of spicy enchiladas for the family.


Dom was from Colorado and Felipe was from Michoacan, but we grew up enjoying the same flavorful meals. That night over a bland dinner of flavorless dehydrated beef stew, the idea for Oso Meals was born. Along with Connor Lawrence and Marcos Vieyra, we are creating a new type of adventure meal, meals based on a love for food that is rich in taste and culture.

Oso’s soul is sharing delicious meals while you’re off the beaten path and far from home. It’s about creating access to flavors and recipes steeped in tradition. We have fond memories of these recipes and are excited that foodies, adventurers, and all fans of good tasting food will soon be able to share and enjoy the authenticity of Oso Meals.

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Born in the Mountains

The Oso Story 


Why Oso Meals

Oso Meals are the best adventure meal option for backpacking, overlanding, camping, or whatever everyday adventure you find yourself on!

  • Authentic Recipes 

  • Unique & Delicious Spices

  • Sustainable Packaging 

  • BIPOC Owned  

  • Social Impact 

Made in Colorado

Made In Colorado

We produce all of our meals in the heart of the Rockies, with the highest quality ingredients sourced from local Colorado farmers, ranchers, and spice shops. 

Colorado Mexican Food

Early Oso Backers

All the folks we wouldn't be here without! We cannot thank these people enough for their support in launching Oso Adventure Meals! 

Daniel porter, Kate Roberts, Brianna Gonzalez, Mindy Faulisi, Alejandro Flores-Muñoz, Keevin O'Rourke, Andrew Castle, Neha Pant, Katie Symons, Stephanie MacArthur, Lindsay Pawlas, Tricia, Dave Hackman, Gary Pawlas, Jadyn Nguyen, Gianina Irlando, Patty Kupfer, Keisha Barnard, Ryan Schultz, Samson Eberhart, Tara, Iesha Reyna, Dan Matthews, Lena, Alana, Crystal Murillo, Hector, Shira Weiner, Beth Yohem, Chelsea Rebro, Rachel Bush, Juan Carlos Gomez, David Kietzman, Carla Castedo, Armand Piecuch, Ben, Melissa Adams, Regan Brown, Thea S, Julianne Gagnon, Brodsky, Heather Barnett, Uriel Berrum, Sean Duh, JulieAnna Gonzales, Julie Zais, LaLo Montoya, Sam Battan, Molly O'Connor ,Alma Arteaga, Emma Bliesener, Kelly Kochanski, Sarah Glaser, Donalyn White, Kristen Michelle, Julia, Allie Barnard, Vivian Vu, Maria Kallisti, Phil, Amanda Gonzalez, Laura Rumkle, Laura, Sarah Al-Haj, Jordan Wells, Paul Bindel, Sarah Mace, Daniel Scott, Paola Paga, Laura, Ciana Bertaud, Rachel Rose, Kiki B, Abhi R., Marco Lam, Bobby Dishell, Loryn, Cesario, Boone Allen, Jana Marley, Alex Monk, Alayna Shaw, Emily Kay Brookhart, Arleigh Atkinson, Samantha Bustillos, Catalina Jaime, Shanelle Rodríguez, Jenn, Zach Pierce, Elena Mendoza, Kate power, Eric Spale, Alexis Whitham, Tammy, Melissa, Alan Brozovich, Kyle Huwa, Bad~Tofu, Ivet, Karen Mortimer, Luis Antezana, Kelsey Martin, Kate, Montana Stevenson, Sarah H Johnson, Caroline Patton, Maria, Audrey Toth, Julia Oleksiak, Susan Bloyer, Leah, Rachel Strassberger, Francesca V, Nightsky, Bob Kozono, Rowan H, Nova Clarke, Lisa Nevitt, Gretchen Howell, Erica Meltzer,, Joseph Garcia, Daniela Pineda, Marisa Gautney, Diana Vieyra, Maddie Lips, Naveen, Shahi, Stephanie Henley, Gergana Kostadinova, Ana Soler, Williarrm Andras, Jess Kelly, Brandon Hellwig, Ashley Gelb, David Whitehead, Victoria Baldwin, Michelle Boss, Damaris Graves, Claudia Alvarado, Nathan Stern, Deon Glaser, Nathaniel Nostas, Ari Lipman, Alina Taniuchi, Rob Bayless, Laura Morales, Thomas Le Ngo, Claire Williams, Nathan Pai Schmitt, Craig, David Collins, Adriana Lopez, Amanda Skrzypchak, Evy Valencia, Nicholas Martinez, Adrienne Russman, Dori, Shelby Robertson, Matt Hastings, Lexi, Octavio Ferman Jr, Ryan J Hanschen, Chris Tessone, Juan DeJesus, Stacey, K Haynes, Eric Lerum, Patrick Donovan, Eduardo, Asisa Berrios, Gloria, Matthew Mapes, Noah Stout, Cameron Lewis, Hailey Shea McMoore, Cara DiEnno, Danielle Glover, Viviana Bracamontes, Anna McDevitt, Olivia Skari, Andrew Shapiro, True Apodaca, Laura Baker, Damien Madden, Antonio Pares, Felipe Vieyra, Reilly Carter, Heather Lipp, Morgan Smith, Courtney Chen, Kristina Buckingham, Elise Yarborough, Abe Kaul, Trisha Garcia-Nelson, Sarah Brewer, Dulce Anayasaenz, Katrina Yoshida, Alejandro Rodriguez, Nicholas Kukucka, Angela Cobian, LUCERO RODRIGUEZ, Steve, Ryan Frizzell, Vernon Jones Jr., Vanessa Lugo, Mark Frye, Andres Villafane, Isabelle Horon, Jackie and Justin Sergi, Joe Weiland, Abcris, Jose Luna, Kaitlyn McNabney, Gregory Hatcher, Jesús Rodríguez, Andrea Mitchell, Chase Halgerson, Osmara Lazo, Sandunie Liyanagamage, Ariel Smith, John Miyasato, Josip

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