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Diversifying the Outdoors

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the mountains - no matter what you look like, where you are from, or what zip code you live in.

That’s why we founded Oso Adventure Meals, to create the best adventure meals on the market and then invest a portion of profits in local community organizations exposing BIPOC communities to the outdoors.


As a company we also believe we can achieve this goal by changing consumer behavior, representing BIPOC adventurers in the market, and committing to sustainable and equitable food purchasing practices.

What does making the mountains accessible look like?

BIPOC people come to Colorado from all over the country, but they rarely get to explore the mountains because of the multiple barriers to access.


From our own experiences - high cost, Eurocentric food options, lack of gear, limited knowledge - we recognize the many barriers to outdoor access. 


Through Oso Adventure Meals we are diversifying the outdoors by funding grass-root groups that are getting BIPOC adventurers into the mountains. We invest a portion of every Oso product sold in Ski Noir 5280.

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A portion of every Oso product sold is given directly to
Ski Noir 5280

Ski Noir 5280 is an inclusive ski club in Colorado accredited by the National Brotherhood of Skiers, a nationwide organization dedicated to improving opportunities for Black skiers and riders. They are working to reduce barriers for BIPOC adventures through transportation, inclusion, education and community. 

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